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YMM was Awarded by NAEA for the Outstanding Contribution to Art Education



The 2016 NAEA National Award Ceremony was held in Chicago on March 18, 2016. With more than 5,000 attendees and delegation members from art universities, schools, institutes and publishers, the ceremony was more like the “Oscar of art education”. Patricia Franklin, president of the National Art Education Association and the 2016 NAEA National Convention, gave a touching and passionate speech that won the applause of thousands of art educators worldwide.



Organization and individuals were awarded for their outstanding achievements in art education. During the awarding session, honorees received “Outstanding Contribution to Art Curriculum Development”, “National Art Educator”, “Distinguished Service Within the Professional Award”, “Distinguished Service Outside the Professional Award”, and many other high-level awards.


YMM’s eye-catching presence brought another exciting moment to the ceremony. The president of NAEA presented the certificate of award in person and recognized YMM for the outstanding contribution to art curriculum development and support of the NAEA mission.


Patricia Franklin appreciated the contribution of YM Art Education, and she highly approved YMM’s goal with comment of “YMM with the power of art to promote human civilization and progress”.


Mr. Moses Wang, the founder of YMM, and Ms. Mythos Yang were awarded for the teaching philosophy “ To Enlighten Wisdom by Art” and outstanding contribution to international art education.









for Their Outstanding Contribution to Art Curriculum Development 


and Support of The NAEA Mission

" to Advance Visual Arts Education and Promote Global Understanding... "


Patricia Franklin

NAEA President

March 18, 2016





Founded in 1947, the National Art Education Association is the leading professional membership organization exclusively for visual arts educators. The goal is “to advance visual arts education to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding”. NAEA annually holds national conventions and it is commissioned to set up the standards of art education. Meanwhile, the NAEA is committed to supporting international art education as a bridge.


In the past 11 years, YMM devoted itself into art education by adhering to the teaching philosophy of “To Enlighten Wisdom by Art”. In the past 11 years, YMM tried hard to realize its dreams and advance civilization through the power of art. YMM is always on the way.



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